Kenyan Athlete Ezekiel Kemboi Disqualified as His Bronze Award Is Withdrawn, 2016

Ezekiel Kemboi and Gold Winner Conseslus Kipruto celebrating after the 3000m Olympic marathon 2016 in Brazil

Former though no longer world record breaker of the Olympics championships athlete, Mr. Ezekiel Kemboi will return home from the Rio 2016 Olympics with next to nothing after he was excluded by coordinators and his bronze award went on to France’s Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad.

The Athens 2004 and London 2012 Olympics champion was endorsed and sanctioned under the world representing body, IAAF standard a great many France dispatched an advance appeal asserting he ventured outside his own running track.

Rule 163b, representing the real race in olympic style events, states;
“if another athlete is found by the Referee to be responsible for the jostling or obstruction, such athlete (or his team) shall be liable to disqualification from that event. the Referee may, if he is of the opinion that an athlete (or his team) was seriously affected, order that the race be re-held excluding any disqualified athlete (or team) or allow any affected athlete (or team) (other than any disqualified athlete or team) to compete in a subsequent round of the event.”

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