Kenyan Woman Beaten by Foreigners in her usual Baze in Kenya – FULL STORY

Ever thought you might arrive stuck in an unfortunate situation for talking in vernacular, take off alone Swahili?

Hubbub and shock has welcomed Asma Mohammed Jama strike by an American lady for communicating in Swahili. As indicated by the World Bulletin, Asma Mohammed Jama is answered to have gone by a neighborhood bistro recognized as Applebees Restaurant in Coon Rapids with her cousin and youngsters. A lady in an contiguous corner demanded she talk in English. A resistant Jama held fast and disregarded the aggressor.

“I live in America. I can speak English but we prefer to speak our own language. If it bothers you I’m sorry,” Jama replied to the fellow woman.
Paul Sommer of the local sheriff’s office confirmed the incident, saying; “Staff at the restaurant tried to intervene, tried to get them to move and get out of the way, but the suspect in the case finished her assault by taking a large beer mug and striking the victim across the face.”
Since then, Jama has been under treatment and hence was stitched 17 times with a “go fund me” account opened in her name by friends.
“…never had anyone even looked at me weird for not speaking English and wearing a hijab. I’ve seen hate crimes on TV, but for it to happen to me – I’m really a different person, I don’t like it,” Jama shared this publicly.

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"Kenyan Woman Beaten by Foreigners in her usual Baze in Kenya – FULL STORY" by @wakenyanews

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