Kenya’s Opposition Team Should Use Different Tactics


This interruption by Opposition MPs has not run down well with Kenyans, who are currently tired of this dangerous legislative issues that winds up polarizing the nation.

All the more imperatively, this shrieking in Parliament has accomplished more mischief to the Opposition than great. It really affirms past any sensible uncertainty that the Opposition is tragically confused and thoughtless.
The MPs’ disgusting activity in Parliament was just however a national disfavor and disgrace to a greater part of Kenyans who had high trusts in the Opposition as the administration in-holding up.

Such conduct ought to be disheartened and completely denounced by all. Give these Opposition MPs a chance to be educated that utilizing such out of date guerilla strategies and raising trivial purposes of requests won’t help them in any capacity.
Opposition Leader Hon. Raila Odinga ought to apologize to Kenyans for sake of the Opposition for this irregular conduct by some CORD MPs, rather than supporting them.

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"Kenya’s Opposition Team Should Use Different Tactics" by @wakenyanews

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