Kenya’s Richest Businessmen That Control The Nation’s Economy 2016


The new era of Rwathia young men incorporate Equity Bank Director Munga, Equity Bank Chief James Mwangi, extremely rich person speculation broker Jimnah Mbaru and protection financier Benson Wairegi.

Dr Bitange Ndemo, a senior Lecturer at the University of Nairobi’s Department Of Business, noticed that the best representatives in Kenya or East Africa originate from Rwathia, in spite of no logical exploration being led towards that end.

“This village arguably controls almost 20 per cent of Kenya’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and almost 40 per cent  of the stock market in  Kenya,” Dr Ndemo said, in a  2014 article title The Mystery of Success.

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Dr Ndemo further explained this, “Their forebearers like Gerishon Kirima and Gerald Gikonyo, one of the co-founders of Rwathia Distributors, were successful in spite of the fact that they had limited education. Rwathia’s third generation is succeeding, not just here in Kenya, but in far-flung areas like the United States.”

“Equity’s Corporate  Social Responsibility  in
Wings  to Fly,  which is sponsoring students to attend some of the best universities  in the world,  is enough to  shower blessings on its founders. So whichever way  you look at this,  Dr Mwangi and  his  teams have  left an  indelible mark  that will never  be matched  by  any  organisation in the foreseeable future.”

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