Kenyatta University 5th Year Female Medical Student Hangs Herself

News coming in indicate thay a Kenyatta University fifth year Medicine understudy, Stella Karanja was found dead after she hanged herself inside the KU compound (SQ) on the fourteenth of September in an unverified circumstance. The police, university administration are yet attempting to confound what may have made Stella take away her life, not forgetting that she was only one year away to complete her studies.

In an exceptionally chilling note, she cites those whom she would wish to carry her body for burial and in the short rundown is her ex boyfriend and also, colleagues and that no one else should carry it. This bewildered and muttered her kindred classmates who happened to appreciate her style of doing her class work.
In her awful journal that she has carefully kept since 2014, she horrendously describes how she has tried taking away her life for 3 weeks and the choices that she had; using charcoal/carbon monoxide , washing cleanser (jik) and a rope which she at long last made due with.
Kenyatta University Students Association ( KUSA) President Were Sam affirmed the reports and advised all the understudies with upsetting inconveniences to impart to the university’s guidance and counselling officers so that necessary measures can be taken to save such brilliant minds from death.

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"Kenyatta University 5th Year Female Medical Student Hangs Herself" by @wakenyanews

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