KIMC, Kenya Institute of Mass Communication Students Strike/ damages in South B, 26th Feb 2016


There was show in South B, Nairobi County on Friday morning

February 26, 2016 when police captured an understudy from the range’s Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) for burning a neighbor’s home and auto.

The understudy, together with different accomplices, purportedly set the house ablaze in the small hours of the morning at around 3am, after a wrangle including their organizations.

They guaranteed that the casualty, who runs a shop close to the organization

where she likewise lives, sent region askaris to annihilate their shop. The casualty denied contribution in the devastation that saw her booth saved by the kanjo askaris, yet the close-by one kept running by the understudies devastated together with the load of products inside. A girl of the casualty said she reacted sufficiently quick to spare her guardians when she learnt that they were under assault, and no setbacks were accounted for, as indicated by The Standard .

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“We require assurance from powers and those included must be rebuffed and made to pay. It’s wrong,” she said, including that her mom had before looked for police insurance refering to dangers to her life.

Nairobi police leader Japheth Koome who affirmed the occurrence, said that they are hunting down different understudies who were included in the fire related crime.

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