Kisumu Anti-IEBC Demonstration & Damage Images On 6th June 2016 – PHOTOS, VIDEO

Anti-IEBC Demonstrators Photos 6th June 2016

Opposition of Kenya party CORD and its supporters took to the streets as always in every Monday demonstrating about the IEBC body that they want it to have new members.

In Kisumu, the inhabitants took to the boulevards blazing tires and blocking streets as they joined in hostile to IEBC dissents.

In the interim, the High Court in Nairobi has rejected an application by Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu looking to piece dissents against Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission.

While conveying the decision on Monday morning, Judge Joseph Onguto said that CORD Party has the privilege to picket and requested the police to give security. He stated that the exhibitions have dependably been serene.

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According to my opinion, these extent of damages is not good at all at all. This is not good because, demonstrations should be peaceful as per how the CORD leaders had mentioned, so their followers could have done it peaceful too.
Remembering, the destroyed building might have employed the same demonstrators, hence they have stalled it. Where will they get the jobs, source of income, where to buy goods, etc?
Also, the water pipes sources were destroyed, where will majority get drinking water from?
I think it is high time demonstrations should be peaceful.
God bless Kenya and keep the beautiful Kenya peaceful and away from such incidences.
See Some of the pictures captioned in Kisumu city.

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