Kisumu Central MCA Paul Odhiambo Okiri goes missing.


Neighbors of Kapuonja area woke up on Friday morning to discover his auto deserted with all entryways completely open in what the family suspected to be a grab.

The Central ward MCA Paul Odhiambo Okiri famously known as “Director” has been on the cutting edge calling for responsibility for the missing Sh105 million ward improvement store.

The Get together had on Wednesday asked George Akong’o Anyonga to move to one side in his position as the Main Officer and Reserve Head to clear path for examinations on supposedly abuse of assets intended to create 35 wards of Kisumu Region, a matter that produced a considerable measure of heat in the gathering prompting sharp trade among individuals.

Kisumu central MCA Paul Odhiambo Okiri goes missing
Kisumu central MCA Paul Odhiambo Okiri goes missing.

According to reports, residents of the ward have staged demos within the ward
fearing that the MCA might have been killed and his body dumped elsewhere.

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