Kitui Mayor Gets Killed As Charity Ngilu Escapes Narrowly


Its another shocking news hitting on our news desk from the Eastern Province of Kenya where demonstrations were taking place. Its reported that Former Kitui Mayor Mrs. Martha Mwangangi was tumbled on that she lost her life after a by a fire extinguisher vehicle drive over her.

The incidence happened on the of chance when the driver of the vehicle was trying to scare away the angry gathering that was protesting. News has it that some of the protesters had threatened to torch another county government vehicle that was passing outside Kitui Central Police Station in the county.

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Ms. Mwangangi killed by a Fire Extinguisher in Kitui County

Unfortunately, the driver ploughed into the
crowd and a apparently killed Ms Mwangangi on the spot. Former Kenyan Minister Ms. Charity Ngilu escaped narrowly just some inches away after she was pushed aside securely by her security team.

Another government representative that escaped the nasty incidence was an MP called Makali Mulu. However, a number of the protesters had mistakenly started roughing him up thinking he was one of the opponents not ready to listen to their grievances.

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