Kizza Besigye’s Awesome Message For Everyone This Festive Season

Kizza Besigye is the top most opposition politician in the Republic of Uganda.


We’ve had a year of major twists and turns; of optimism and despair; of great personal and national losses; of great and indelible pain; but also moments of joy, jubilation, and of some rare achievements.

Christmas is a time of reflection on all these. It’s a time to reflect on our values, desires, affections and traditions. We reflect on the boundless love of God that is symbolised by the birth of Christ.

It’s through such a reflection that we can meaningfully interpret the state of our country today and respond to it appropriately.

Many in our country will be having nothing to eat this Christmas; many are jobless and without hope for any job; many are in agony from illnesses they can’t get remedies for; many have no shelter or clean water; many are out of school, even when there is UPE & USE; and Makerere remains closed.

This Christmas should challenge us to reflect on this state of affairs. I’ll be soon sharing some views on what we ought to do in 2017 to get our country back on her rails. Let’s commit ourselves to dealing with the pain and suffering of our compatriots.

May this Christmas sparkle with love, joy, revival and goodwill that flow out of God’s presence!
Merry Xmas!!

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"Kizza Besigye’s Awesome Message For Everyone This Festive Season" by @wakenyanews

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