Kyambogo University Student Goes To Lecture With a Nursery School Bag – PHOTOS

First years in Uganda have shown us real drama from the unfamiliar lifestyle trends they come with to the universities. A fresher from the Banda-based university shocked comrades when he appeared for lectures with a pink flower-filled school bag, more less the same as those for the nursery school girl; his younger sisters probably.
You see, nursery school memories are timeless, we definitely understand.
“Those flowers and vowels for nursery rhymes were epic, the teachers were sweet and so on. But please dear Kyambogo freshers, at the university there are better ways to carry your scholastic materials,” a third year from the department wrote on their Facebook page.

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We understand some of you might already have coursework, before even a month in school, but that’s not an excuse to take ‘the memory lane’ school bag to campus. You can do better, much better.
Now did I hear some apologist mentioning budget constraints? Oh please! That bag isn’t the cheapest in the market, so that is it absolutely not the challenge.
“We love our young colleagues from Kyambogo, and wish them the best of their first semester at University. But remember, style is not genetically engineered,” a student from Kampala University sent a tweet on the trend.

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