Ladies: 5 Tips on How to Sort Yourself During Your Periods

Ladies: 5 tips on how to sort yourself during your periods
The most embarrassing incident for a woman, is to unconsciously get soiled by her menses;only to be informed later by her peers or be laught at by some cheeky dudes. Here are tips on how to avoid standing in a hall of shame.
1.Check you calender. Count exactly twenty eight days from your last flow.Give it some one week early or late flow,,incase of irregular periods.

2.Be prepared. Have enough pads or tampoons and tissue paper to carry you through the dae.This saves you borrowing from your fellows.

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3.Carry some extra clothes. This works for sporting personnels .Extra inner garments or a leso can be of great help.

4.Know ua flow. This is essential,as it determines how often you will change,depending on the amount of the period.Those with heavy flows should use thick pads or tampoons.

5.Keep yourself clean. Take a bath at least twice a day.Ensure you have shaved,,n when dumping you waste;wrap it up nicely and drop it in a sanit.
By Stephen Ogugu

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