LADIES: Things to Watch out in Men Before Dating


It is frequently said that ladies no, Kenyan ladies are confounded animals that nobody can comprehend them yet I have come to learn in the course of the most recent couple of years that there is nobody entirely as puzzling as the 21 century Kenyan man. The 21 century Kenyan man never stops to flabbergast even tough individuals like me.

Take a gander at this contextual analysis: in the most recent couple of months we have seen Kenyan brilliant couples who burned through a large number of shillings on tall tale weddings separating scarcely a year after their relational unions I can let you know for nothing and with supreme certainty that the reason the above connections are arriving at an end has an inseparable tie to the man.

Give me a chance to start with his most irritating propensity: the way that he is not able to keep his zipper up. You convey a house help to the home he is on her, at work he is chasing and on the off chance that you look the other route for a few moments, he has a mpango wa kando stashed some place. It resembles he has an evil bit of garbage that has totally lost its ethical compass, he is not by any means particular; anything will do the length of it is a lady.

At 24 years old most, however single, have a youngster – on the other hand kids stashed some place on the opposite side of town, or even in the same neighborhood you are living in. So you need to set up with one infant mother or significantly all the more particularly on the off chance that you are connected to a Kenyan man who is on a genuine mission to populate the earth with each lady in the region. Men please before you make us lose our damn personalities, rediscover condoms-they forestall pregnancy.

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Men who recognize being a man. This befuddled animal can’t appear to choose whether he needs to wear the jeans in the relationship or the skirt. That is not all; the 21 century has a propensity for potbellies. Nowadays all around you look, you see strapping youthful fellows in their 30s touting distending pot stomaches. The carelessness with which the 21 century Kenyan men treat their bodies, is horrifying.
I have said it again, and I will never tire, there is nothing provocative about a man with a pot tummy.

And Finally; At that point there is the ascent of the gold-burrowing Kenyan man who is spreading like an awful instance of this season’s cold virus. Once upon a time it was sufficiently awful isolating the rich man, from Mr Potential and Mr Penny pincher, now you additionally need to manage men who are strikingly looking to you to accommodate their needs. When you see such a large number of single ladies, it is not on the grounds that there are no men, truth be told it is actually raining men, what is missing are great men.

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