Larry Madowo Finally Speaks Of His Current Hustle For A Job, Loans, Financial & Domestic Pressures

Larry Madowo of The Trend, now jobless??

Larry Madowo might be among the majority Kenyans who are currently facing the financial, economical and domestic stability constraints probably. It is not a joking matter, truth be said or shared. He is jobless, yes!!!

As of late, the most mainstream media house in East Africa, Nation Media Group has shut down some of its media directs in course to cut its expenses of framework and numerous different reasons still undisclosed, as it were known by the top level administrative and managerial team.
Then again, NTV star, Larry Madowo, is among the people who have been impacted by the later wash down in Nation Media Group.

Plainly, NMG’s organization has decided to shut down QTV and Nation FM after they made colossal disasters. The two stations have been running on a mishap with promoters dodging them after they fail to attract a gigantic group not shockingly.

Larry Madowo has been encouraging a show on Nation FM, NTV The Trend over the span of the latest two years where he was discussing current issues however the show will never again be show after the station was closed down.

“My shiny forehead and I had the privilege of hosting The Larry Madowo Show on Nation Fm over the last 2 years. Alongside Daniel Peter Weke , Shose Oyalo and Eddie Butita we helped dumb down humanity by laughing much too loudly and saying nothing important.

Nation FM rewarded us by giving us a Saturday morning slot and throwing in an extra hour. We only enjoyed our move to radio suburbia for 3 weeks but it was raucous messy and glorious.

The Nation Media Group has changed its broadcast strategy and we have to bid adieu to this beloved station. This was one of the highlights of my week and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity.

Special thanks to Manwa Magoma who gave me the show, Tim Oriedo who let me keep it as well as Jimmy Gathu and Sean Cardovillis who kept it on.

In my first 2 weeks, Prince Nesta patiently
taught me how to operate the console and
software without once mentioning how dumb I was. That’s how you know he’s a nice person.

I couldn’t have done it without Shose, Eddie, DP & all the guests who dropped in on us. Most of all, thank you for listening all along.”

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