LATEST: A Ghetto Hustler Hits a Jackpot


Making lump sum cash in a short duration of time is the greatest thing everyone would wish to and as well, go for. A ghetto tenant and a hustler hits a Jackpot. The Hustler who lives at Mukuru kwa Njenga in Nairobi has gotten an achievement from miserable destitution in the wake of offering for a good looking sum, a stray puppy he had embraced.

Mworia Kibagendi , who has been doing odd employments to acquire a living, made it big when a white man living in Muthaiga purchased his puppy at Sh180,000.

By man, he chanced upon the youthful canine one night while on his path home from work. Subsequent to dealing with it for some time, he

recorded it on OLX (a free publicizing site) with the assistance of a neighbor. That is the manner by which the mzungu went over it.

With a family that is continually pondering budgetary requirements, Mr Kibagendi noticed that it was a lifetime opportunity at the point when a potential purchaser came thumping.

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"LATEST: A Ghetto Hustler Hits a Jackpot" by @wakenyanews

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