LATEST: A Kenyan Citizen Wanted By Tanzania Court For Breaching Their Constitutional Laws – FULL STORY

Henry Njuguna, the child of Gatanga MP Humphrey Kimani Njuguna

The flying in indicate that it is not that easy for any Kenyan related to a trespass in the Tanzanian territory to have it that smooth. Recently, news had it that Kenyans we to produce some docents before entering Tanzania.
A child of a Kenyan Individual from Parliament is needed in Tanzania for hopping safeguard in a lethal street mishap case in which a lady lost her life.
Henry Njuguna, the child of Gatanga MP Humphrey Kimani Njuguna, is said to have brought on a deadly street mischance amid the current year’s Easter occasion. A Kenya Aviation routes worker, just distinguished as Viviane, passed on in the mischance.

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To facilitate entangle the matter, Ms Philanthropy Githinji, a Kenyan living in Tanzania who stood safeguard for the MP’s child, is likewise now confronting a legitimate suit.

On Thursday, Ms Githinji highlighted her predicament on Facebook taking after Mr Njuguna’s inability to show up in court.

“All I need I need is for him (Njuguna) to return and face the law since at this very moment Tanzanian powers have all my archives and are undermining to capture me,” Ms Githinji told Nairobi News in phone meeting from Tanzania.

Ms Philanthropy likewise asserts that her endeavors to achieve the MP have demonstrated vain.
“I have been attempting to contact his dad however all futile, all my telephone calls have gone responded in due order regarding the previous month,” she said.

“Our siblings from Tanzania were prepared to deal with the issue agreeably be that as it may, he has chosen they are not worth his time. I stood safeguard after being asked by his dad and the Kenyan International safe haven in Dar to help,” Ms Githinji included a Facebook post.

Ms Githinji said she has been constrained to make the matter open in a push to have the lawmaker’s child come back to Tanzania, as she now gazes at a legitimate suit.

Wakenya News attempted to achieve the lawmaker to look for illumination on the matter yet all our telephone calls went unanswered.

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