LATEST DUTCH NEWS: This Is The Action Police Will Take On Drug Gangs And Cartels Who Break The Law


The Netherlands government is one of the best in the whole world. According to reports,  this is because it is blended with a good ruling system that accommodates well for its citizens.

When it comes to drug usage,the law has divided drugs into two groups, in accordance to their effects to the human being/body health. These include soft drugs and hard drugs. Hard drugs are prohibited and that is how it is supposed to be. They include cocaine, LSD, morphine, heroin; which are forbidden in the Dutch as in any other country worldwide.


The National Police are exceptionally worried about the vast sums of cocaine going to the Netherlands. In the previous 10 months the Dutch powers seized more than 30 thousand kilos of cocaine in the nation.

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The police trust that medication cartels in Colombia, Peru and Boliva are “changing plans of action”, a representative for the National Police said to

Head of the national investigators Wilbert Paulissen likewise saw a transform, he said to the Telegraaf. The parties are more often very large. The demand is obviously still very significant and high risks of interception are accepted.” he mentioned. “It suggests that they
apparently rely on things going well.”

The benefits to be made with cocaine trafficking are big to the point that evacuated or captured crooks are very quickly supplanted by different ones. The police trust that expanding the disciplines for traffickers in the Netherlands might be an answer.

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"LATEST DUTCH NEWS: This Is The Action Police Will Take On Drug Gangs And Cartels Who Break The Law" by @wakenyanews

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