LATEST: First Lady Margaret Kenyatta STOPS a Foreigner From Leaving Kenya!!

First Lady of Kenya Mrs. Margaret Kenyatta stops a Foreigner From Leaving the Republic of Kenya!
But what’s the reason??
Its no doubt you shall be surprised by this incident for sure.
It appears that Jamaican warbler Alaine Laughton will stay in Kenya for a minimal longer on account of First Lady Margaret Kenyatta. President Uhuru’s wife will be facilitating her eponymous yearly marathon, First Lady Half Marathon, on Sunday sixth March 2016.


The point of the marathon is to raise cash for Margaret Kenyatta’s ‘Past Zero’ crusade which concentrates on lessening maternal and tyke mortality.
Alaine has affirmed she would be partaking in the Sunday’s sixth marathon. The Jamaican artist was seen raising Beyond Zero notice as a show of affirmation to her investment in Margaret Kenyatta’s half marathon.

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Alaine touched down in Kenya around a fortnight prior and Kenyans have been encouraging her to move to the 254 such as her comrades, Morgan Heritage.


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