LATEST: Increased Rape Cases in Zambezi Demonstrations


Inhabitants of Zambezi, Kikuyu Sub County showed over cases police had considered their employment taking after expanded assault cases in the zone. Latest news indicate that there has been an increased rape cases in Zambezi which has called for Demonstrations from the area residents.

This is after a mother and a little girl were both assaulted on their way home at around 9pm the previous evening when they were assaulted by a group said to have been taking part in this wrongdoing.

Inhabitants guaranteed this was the seventh occurrence since January and they asserted the same group has been submitting the offense furthermore victimizing local people yet no prominent move had been made Identifying with an inhabitants amid the exhibition, Martha Waithera an occupant in the region said that instances of assault had expanded significantly since January yet no move had been made to control these cases. She uncovered that these episodes were occurring not late around evening time expressing that most cases were submitted from 10pm.

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“It’s also been known that it’s a specific gang that engages in this criminal act and they have gone to an extent of breaking to some houses and committing the offence and robbing,” said Waithera.

“Last night a mother and her daughter were also raped and robbed and no stone will be left unturned in this issue. We have intelligence that a gang identified as untouched in the area has been committing the offences,’’ said Maweu.

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