LATEST: The Government to Declare Corruption a National Disaster.

It is not fresh news in Kenya in the recent past of one to two years  now, to sit back watching your home television set and hear about the extent of corruption almost on a daily basis. This is a major dent that the Nation of Kenya is facing.
The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of
Kenya (ICPAK) has told the government to
declare corruption a national disaster.


ICPAK Vice-Director Julius Mwatu, in a press instructions on Wednesday amid the authority opening of Yearly Administration and Morals Meeting held at Voyager Shoreline Inn, Mombasa, noticed that the nation was doing inadequately in the war on union.

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“Considering the surge of reports of abnormal state debasement in different establishments, Kenya’s position among the group of countries could endure considerably further. The 2015 Defilement Observation Record distributed by Straightforwardness Universal positioned Kenya inadequately,” Mr Mwatu said.

The nation scored 25 on a size of zero to 100 (with zero saw to be exceptionally degenerate, and 100 clean) and sits at position 139 out of 168 nations and regions positioned.
The bookkeepers required a quick and definitive activity against people included in fumbling open assets in different services, divisions, offices and province governments the nation over.

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"LATEST: The Government to Declare Corruption a National Disaster." by @wakenyanews

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