Lawyer Donald B. Kipkorir Responds To Bloggers Accusations On Twitter

Lawyer Donald Kipkorir

Popular Nairobi Lawyer Mr. Donald Kipkorir might not be a happy man following his post on twitter that sparked numerous retweets and comments.

In one of the popular Kenyan blog Kenyan Opinion Blog administrated by Ms Njoki Chege, an article was posted that the lawyer was bragging of his wealth following  weeks after he posted on his achievements on social media, in contrast to his wealthier peers who do not flaunt their possessions in public.

This is what Njoki Chege wrote, “I understand that you are ‘new money’ and a classic case of rags to riches. Congratulations. A little excitement is allowed but you need to get over yourself and understand that there are people in this country who’d buy you three more Ranger Rovers and not feel the pinch.”

Later on, Lawyer Donald Kipkorir replied by accusing various bloggers of hating other people’s achievements. However, he declined to specifically mention the names.

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