List Of 13 Top Betting Sites In Kenya


Best Betting Companies in Kenya 2016 : We have seen the rapid rise of online gambling over the past one year and almost everyone in Kenya has at least an idea of how Sportpesa can earn them a few extra coins. SportPesa was established by Pevans East Africa early 2014 after they were granted a license by the Betting Control & Licensing Board (BCLB) to launch their service in Kenya.
Ever since Sportpesa’s  2014 press release which stated that they had registered over 800,000 users within their first few months in service, many sites have been popping up lately in a bid to grasp the sweet fruit of the gambling industry. We can at least provide you with a list of 12 alternative betting sites you can trust and make extra cash from them.

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Here is the full list===>>> 13 BEST RANKED BETTING PORTALS

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