List Of 42 Police Officers Deployed To Rig 2017 Kenya Elections

42 police deployed to rig 2017 Kenya elections
NASA Presidential Aspirant Hon. Mr. Raila Odinga has astoundingly asserted that the government has sent 42 police and military officers for ‘uncommon obligations’ aimed at rigging of the August 8th 2017 elections.
Mr Odinga on Thursday guaranteed the 42 have been sent to serve as election polling clerks, Returning Officers and jubilee party operators.
The opposition leader told journalists at his office in capitol hill where he held a press conference, that the choice to convey the officers to intrude with decisions was “made at a meeting held on June 23 where the officers work IDs were withdrawn and given the ordinary IDs.”

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He guaranteed that the opposition ‘has confirm’ of the sending and ‘will give it’.
“I am not just making wild allegations, some of the officers have talked to us. claimed Mr Odinga.
The officers are drawn from Kenya Defence Forces, General Service Unit (GSU), National Intelligence Service (NIS) and the Kenya Police Dog unit,” said Mr. Odinga.
Raila imparted to journalists an update that contained 42 names of officers professedly sent for the uncommon task. The memo was routed to regional co-ordinators and is signed by one John Kamau, who is assigned as deputy Inspector general of Kenya Police service.

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