LOL…: Arsenal PETR CECH Seen Travelling Home In a Commuter Train

Different speculations have arised once again following Arsenal’s first hand goal keeper Petr Cech. According to news doing around the internet, its reported that PETR CECH was Seen Travelling Home In a Commuter Train once again after his absence in the FA Emirates Cup clash against Burnley on 30th January 2016.
Despite a stratospheric £100,000( 15 million Ksh) per week salary, Cech doesn’t see anything wrong in mingling with other passengers, majority of whom are from the bottom rungs of society, while taking a ride home.

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All things considered, all through the sections of land of the Holy book we see clear confirmation of quietude being the trump card of all the best prophets …counting Jesus.

What’s more, quietude doesn’t as a matter of course infer absence of drive or ambition.Nope. It suggests a reasonable comprehension of your place in this world and a firm longing to comprehend the experience of the lowliest of Gods creation with the goal that you can better help them

All things considered, a well known essayist once opined that “a definitive measure of a man is the manner by which he treats somebody who can do him truly no great”
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Below are some of the photo compilations of Petr Cech

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