Love is a BITTER Sweet Thing.

love is a bitter sweet thing, that those you love dearly don’t love you back and those you don’t even want to see could cross an ocean for you.

Men who dream to get married one day might agree with us.

There is that daughter of Eve that you want to settle with, but you’ve not fully won the key to her heart. Your short interaction with her in campus ignited in you a burning desire to want to live with her.

You keep hoping she will one day give you a chance to live your dream of becoming her closest friend, her husband and the father to her children. You literally admire her beauty and enjoy her company.

You have no reservation in introducing her to your friends and relatives, your mum and dad! She too seem to enjoy your company. There is a mutual attraction.

But she is not communicating that. In fact she tries to do things against your expectations resulting in some level of doubt.

Maybe your expectations are too high, maybe you are in a hurry or maybe she is just trying to be ‘expensive’. Though you’ve not fully shared your dreams-for obvious reasons your friendship advances are very telling. Your late night wishes, your best wishes in every occasion speak louder.


Not forgetting the ‘I love you’ phrase at the end of every text. But to your surprise a good percentage of them constantly hit a wall of silence! Your heartiest wish remain to marry her one day. Your hope is that one day your ship will sail in.

Even though there are some ladies in your social circle who send the green light, you are not willing to give them a chance. Their sweet words just make you more uncomfortable. They are more than willing to travel thousands of miles just to spend few minutes with you but you aren’t for that.

Like Jacob, you will not settle for a second best. Maybe you will win her, just maybe. But also you may be waiting for a ship at the airport. At time such thoughts compel you to delete her contacts and hope you will forget her only to start missing her the next minute.

Your hope gets renewed by a sweet text from the same number you deleted. You wonder how she knew that you needed such a text from someone like her at such a time. You decide to save the contact again, but this time round in your mind-’internal memory’.

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