Lulu Hassan Gets Emotional in Public

Lulu Hassan Gets Emotional in Public
Famous and popular TV news anchor was again caught in another saga just recently. Besides being the best in kenya in collaboration with Kanze Dina, Lulu Hassan is always weak emotional. Recently on her birthday, she couldn’t hold it but get down in tears.
Her hubby had nothing to say but only share this to her beautiful wife:-
You need someone not just to love you but to read your feelings. You need someone not just to change you but to challenge your weakness. You meet someone not just to praise you but to nurture your progress . You look for someone who is not just perfect but who brings out the perfection. You look for someone who is not just beautiful but who beautifies thatrelationship. You look for someone who is not only complete but who completes your love story. You don’t look for honey because distraction might drive away the bees. You don’t look for a darling because love is all about daring.Luckily enough I found you my wife and my best friend . Kindly lets wish her all the best not just because she is the best but because she brings the best out of me. Kindly lets wish her happiness not just because she makes you happy but because she brings happiness in my life. Let’s pray she stays to see many birthdays so that she can continue telling you ‘Karibu mpenzi mtazamaji’Lol!
Happy birthday my PRECIOUS WIFE

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