Maasai Mara University Students On Streets Over Lecturers Performances

Maasai Mara University in Narok

The year 2016 has had many ups and downs that have ranged from strikes,  demonstrations, political indifferences and many more issues in Kenyan learning institutions. Overally, this has affected learning from lower level  to higher level learning institutions.

Students from Maasai Mara University in Narok County took to the streets on Thursday 21st July 2016 to dissent the proceeded with nonappearance of instructors from lecture rooms. This is said to be because the lecturers have been claiming over a pay debate.

The lecturers have boycotted parallel classes throughout the previous three weeks refering to a pay installment debate with the foundation’s administration. The mentors say they have not been paid from the length of 2013 and some are owed up to Sh2 million falling behind financially by the foundation. They have denied to release examination results until the university settles their overdue debts.

One of the lecturers who spoke to BBC kenya Blog said that even the part time tutors haven’t been paid for the past three or more years.
“How do you meet your financial obligations if you are working and you can’t be paid at the end of the month? We are tired and that is why we have downed our tools,” stated the Secretary General of the Part Time Lecturers Association Mr Meshack Lagat.

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Part-time lecturers have no union to present their grievances, making it difficult for them to push their case in a coordinated way. Mr Joshua Karia said he started work in August 2013, under a deal that showed he would be paid Sh1,500 per hour for undergraduate classes. He is now demanding over Sh2 million from the university in unpaid salaries.

Mr. Karia continued by saying this“This cry of distress, expressed by a part-time lecturers in Narok, is not isolated. It represents the feelings of many other lecturers in different public universities in Kenya, we are being taken for a ride,” said Mr Karia.

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