Maina Kageni is the biggest name in the Kenyan radio
industry. While Maina is a public figure, he is one that likes
to keep it low key and is not one of the celebrities you find
in each and every event. Maina lives his life with a lot of
humility and is indeed a character that a lot of our celebrities
should emulate. Here are five interesting facts about Maina
that you probably did not know.
1. Maina loves, music by Willy Paul and Diamond. In fact, he
is crazy about Diamond’s music and if you are a keen listener
of his show, you will notice that he goes out of his way to
play music by Diamond, even if it is new music, which is not
necessarily in the Classic 105 profile. Maina’s other love in
music is Ugandan Jose Chameleone. Maina was recently a
guest at Chameleone’s birthday in Kampala. Maina’s love for
his music goes way back to his Nation FM days, and yet
another thing you did not know, it was Maina who first ever
played a Chameleone song in Kenya on his show!
2. Maina loves his whiskey and has a great taste in his choice
of drink. His everyday drink is J&B and even bartenders at
the very few places he drinks at know this without a doubt.
Other than his whiskey, Maina loves to shoot pool.
3. Maina was once a TV presenter on KTN but according to
him, it failed miserable, he then realized his place was in
Radio where he went to become the big name that he is.
4. Maina is very social and keeps his ring of friends close to
him, he values and respects friendships at all levels of life.
His friends range from high profile CEOs to matatu drivers
and touts. In fact, Maina stays very close to the matatu
industry, he occasionally hosts some of his friends from the
industry for lunch and gives them advise on how to grow in

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5. Maina never went to any college! Yes, that is true, Maina
says he has learned to take lessons from everything in life,
eventually, you learn lessons that no school can ever teach
So there you have it. Below is also a video we did in our
Famous Minutes featuring Maina where he reveals much
more that you might find really interesting! Enjoy.

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