Man Dies After Being Eaten By Hyena’s in Kajiado County


The creatures are suspected to have strayed from the adjacent Nairobi National Park. It was around 2pm when Mr Wafula the security guard, the last individual to see Mbugua alive, was informed that he was no more.

The hyenas dragged Mbugua into a maize ranch and ate up him under an avocado tree. Hyenas, as indicated by Wafula, begin wandering the region from as right on time as 8pm.


Late in the morning, passers-by detected a trail of blood and fallen maize stems. They took after the lead and discovered Mbugua’s ravaged body under the tree.
Mbugua’s mom, Joyce Muthoni, went close to the scene in the morning however did not realize that her child lay dead in the maize ranch.

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As a despondent Anthony Mbugua Mwathi went to his companion’s entombment function last Monday, much to his dismay that he would meet his passing around the same time.
Subsequent to saying farewell to his companion, Mr Mbugua chose to have a few drinks before heading home at around 7pm.

On his way, notwithstanding, he halted for a chatter with his companion, Martin Mulilo Wafula, a night protect, at Ujenzi Equipment in Kandisi Town, Ongata Rongai Sub-District, Kajiado County.

He then headed home, just 500 meters away. “He was tipsy however not really as to be not able walk. I instructed him to go home on the grounds that the police were watching the zone regularly and on the off chance that they found him, they would capture him. I knew he would return home securely,” says Wafula. In any case, that did not happen.
Before he achieved home, he was assaulted by a pack of hyenas.

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