Man Hacks Neighbour To Death For Defiling His Daughter


Affirming the occurrence, Area Chief Mr. Onesmus Onyambu said Mr.Ombongi and the young lady locked themselves in the house.

He said Mr Ombongi’s significant other alerted the father of the young girl regarding what her child had done, provoking him to race to his home. The father requested the man out yet he and the young lady attempted to get away through the window.

“They pursued the two but the girl disappeared into darkness. The man who was armed with a panga and a rungu tried to attack the girl’s father after realising that he had beencornered……but the girl’s father who was also armed with a panga responded faster,” said the area Chief.

The man kicked the bucket on the spot in the wake of agony profound cuts on his hand and mid-section.

The father of the young lady was arrested as investigations concerning the matter proceed.

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