Man Jailed For 20 yrs After Intoxicating & Raping a Fresher


In the recent past, there has been a rise of immoral behaviors in the society especially by the conduct of the youths. Not forgetting the tremendous increase in torching of learning institutions, there has also been an increase in drug abuse, murder cases among many other vices.
A man was sentenced to 20 years in jail for raping her female counterpart who was a first year in university just after intoxicating her to the point that the lady was unconscious. Apparently, this happened after the guy realised that the lady was still a virgin and a fresher.
“Kyle Vo, who is a former student at West Chester University in Pennsylvania, assaulted the young lass”, Chester County Assistant District Attorney Andrea Cardamone told the court.
“Her virginity mattered to her, She wanted to
wait, and she wanted to share her first time with someone special — if not her husband, certainly someone she loved.”

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“The litigant saw a chance to delight his bedtime affair longing and he took it,” Cardamone said Monday in a sentencing reminder to Basic Requests Judge Phyllis Streitel. “In doing as such, Vo took something uncommon from the casualty that she can never get back.”

Cardamone said the casualty had been telling companions that night that she was a virgin and was sparing sex for marriage-for religious and individual reasons, reports Washington Post.

The case prompted calls for harsher sentences for convicted rapists.
“Anybody who would rape an unconscious young woman is not only a sexual predator but a coward,” Chester County District Attorney
Tom Hogan mentioned. “The defendant here got exactly what he deserved — a long state prison sentence.”
“As a father of the young girl, this sort of behavior appalls and disgusts me. The judge in this case did absolutely the right thing.
Any judge who turns a blind eye to a defendant who rapes an unconscious woman is bringing the entire justice system into disrepute.”

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More news to follow:-
SOURCE: BBC Kenya Portal


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