Man Poisons Himself After His Wife Delivered A White Child

Let’s all get sober before we get to think about this scenario. Men, let’s all if you put yourselves in this mans shoes and try to answer yourself some few questions that may linger across your mind. Try to tell your mind to forget it even if its day 2 after conceiving and move on with your lovely wife, show her more affection, smile, and even kiss her on her forehead. (Leave that aside)


As of late, a disaster has hit the surburb of Chatsworth in KZN (South Africa) after a man conferred suicide. The circumstances around the passing of the husband/ man are all blamed for bamboozling under their marriage. The spouse as of late brought forth a white tyke, something that shook the heart of the man, as it were recognized as Thanbang Ludwaba.

It is accounted for that on Friday morning Ludwaba was found lying on the floor in the kitchen of his house. He didn’t leave a note, or it hasn’t been found as however. Neighbors who addressed our journalists said the couple had been contending and yelling at each other for around seven days before the demise of Ludwaba.


“I’m not very sure, but the scuffles started when she and the baby came from Hospital. The baby is white, and people have been telling that he was duped and cheated by his wife,” one of the neighbors said (but refuses to be mentioned by name).

“This wife is a cheat/ bamboozle. She must be arrested for adultery. How can she cheat with a white man for that matter yet she is married to Ludwaba…” another angry woman shouted from the crowd.

Police arrived at the scene and managed to contain the angry neighbors. The police also removed the demise from the homestead and are now doing more investigations on the cause of the incidence.
Later on, results from postmortem indicated that the Late Ludwaba has drunk poison that left him dead.

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"Man Poisons Himself After His Wife Delivered A White Child" by @wakenyanews

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