Man Runs Mad After Losing Ksh.190,000 to SportPesa on UEFA Games


A 34-year-old man is endured twofold disaster subsequent to losing Sh 180,000 to prevalent wagering game,SportPesa, and thus running mad, as well as losing his wife of 5 years after betting on UEFA Champions League Games on 23rd February 2016.

Sources say the Kahawa Wendani man pulled back the sum on Saturday morning without his wife’s learning and put down twofold wagers, one for Arsenal (double chance of win or draw) and another for Bayern Munich (direct win). He gave every match Sh 90,000 and was planning to gather enormous.

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The bank representative, distinguished as Kinuthia, got a stun of his lifetime at the point when both groups lost. He instantly pounded his 32 inch advanced TV level screen into a few pieces.

At the point when the wife saw peculiar wrinkles on her spouse’s face, she went to enquire what had transpired stunning spouse. She was stunned to discover all the cash her spouse had obtained from Equity Bank had been gulped by Sportpesa.

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The wife, recognized as Josephine, pressed and vanished. The man was early today seen strolling along the Kahawa wendani  Estates conversing with himself and punching the air capriciously.

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