Mark Ouma a Journalist And a Lecturer Passes On In South Africa


Death has no signs or alerts at some point in life, it is just painful on losing someone you knew because you will no longer again be able to see them.

Sports brotherhood grieves the death of veteran Kenyan conceived also, South African based writer Mark Ouma. The late Ouma kicked the bucket on the tenth of July 2016 at the King Edward VIII Healing facility in Durban, South Africa after a short ailment.

The 56-year-old who likewise served as an instructor at both Makerere furthermore, Egerton (Kenya), was one of the best games columnists in Africa. Ouma acted as an independent writer and added to various distributions in Africa, Europe and the USA.

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Ouma, who acted as the Games Editorial manager of Voice of America’s Daybreak Africa News, will dependably be associated with his polished skill, energy for work and as a promoter of African sports.

We as Wakenya send our condolences to the family, relatives and friends of the Late Mr. Mark Ouma, R.I.P

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"Mark Ouma a Journalist And a Lecturer Passes On In South Africa" by @wakenyanews

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