One has to make money and survive these tough economic times, while sparing adequate time to study and enjoy social life. Having a part time job as a student helps you cater for ones personal expenses. Managing your own finances and being independent are some of the things one learns from part time jobs. Have a look at some of the potential part time jobs, that could help you leave a comfortable life and earn good chums while studying.
1.Online job opportunities.
-Online marketing.
Here you promote other businesses online and get paid after the products or services have been purchased by someone, through the shared links. It’s easy, but requires real commitment.
-Online writing.
Ensure you have good writing skills, good grammar and language
structure. With this, you can venture into article writing, and make up to 1000 Bob per day
-Web designing.
If you are a technology guru, venture into web design services. It’s cost vary with complexity. One can make up to 10,000, by designing a simple website.
-Social Media expert.
You can make money out of social media platforms like twitter, Facebook, instagram etc. Companies are in search of persons to manage their social media pages. Such opportunities are posted online, and the good thing is you learn how to do the job.
-Event planning.
Organizing events like weddings, birthday parties, etc can be beneficial financially. Join event planning companies or set up with your pals.

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2.Manual jobs.
-Sales Representative.
If you are good at convincing people to buy products, venture into this. You will be able to work at the time if your convenience and the pay is worth depending on your number of sales
-Running errands.
Attach yourself to an organization that is in dire need of extra hands
or sending mails, picking kids from school, shopping. This job is
flexible. Just find a good boss.
If you can handle kids,then here is the job. You can work during the day and weekends if you have fewer classes. Look for a good parent who can trust you while they are away at work.
-Teaching assistant.
With remarkable grades, you can talk with a lecturer so that you can help with marking cats, invigilating tests.This can help you learn a lot and get more opportunities.
How do you get the jobs?
-For online jobs, you can visit popular job sites among others.
-For manual jobs, you can connect with friend, relatives and experienced personnel who can channel you into the opportunities.

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