MATATU CULTURE – Hottest Matatu Graffiti’s In Nairobi – PHOTOS

Matatu or Mathree Graffiti art is one of the sources of income especially for the artists who do the task of spraying the vehicles since they earn a lot from the pimping arts. This has made graffiti art hot in Nairobi, Kenya. Despite Kenya’s President had lifted the ban on matatu graffiti, he later changed the notion and allowed the matatu PSV owners to paint their vehicles.
The matatu drivers in Nairobi compete which bus
has the best graffiti art so as to attract more customers with their customized matatus.
Below are some of the mathree’s/ matatu’s with graffiti in Nairobi city, Kenya.

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"MATATU CULTURE – Hottest Matatu Graffiti’s In Nairobi – PHOTOS" by @wakenyanews

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