Mayweather Boxing Techniques that makes him the Greatest

Flyod Mayweather Boxing Techniques that makes him the Greatest
Floyd fights the way Floyd fights
and doesn’t let others dictate his style. While
controversy has surrounded him and his camp over the
years, from money issues to family drama, there’s no
doubting his skill in the ring, and here’s why:
Efficiency Matters
Beyond the win-loss record, boxing is a game of
statistics. The modern boxing scoring system,
Compubox , shows us why Floyd is great. Simply
said, he lands lots of punches, doesn’t waste
throwing them, and he’s hard to hit.
When it comes to punches connected, Floyd is the top
professional boxer, landing 42% of his punches
thrown. Furthermore, his plus/minus average of 24% is
also tops amongst active boxers. That number
represents the amount of punches he lands
subtracted from the amount his opponent does.
Those are hard numbers to beat.
The moral of the story when it comes to these
numbers is that efficiency wins. Floyd calculates every
move, both in and out of the ring. In his last fight,
perhaps his toughest to date against the brawling
Marcos Maidana , Floyd landed only nine more
punches, but he also only threw 425 to Maidanas’s
858. Perhaps more impressively, Floyd landed 65% of
his power punches in the fight – that is, he made his
punches count. While the fight was close, it wasn’t
that close. Floyd did what Floyd always does, he
fights more efficiently and smarter than his opponents
and he walks out of that ring a victor.
A fighter might get a lucky break, throw a lucky
punch, or use gimmicks or fancy tactics to win
occasionally. Greatness, however, can only be
achieved with solid fundamentals. In boxing, it’s
about two things – hitting and getting hit . Floyd
excels on both accounts and the numbers don’t lie.

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