#MCM: Meme Hadhja a.k.a Mejja, the lyrical genius

Apparently multi-gifted, Meme Hadhja a.k.a Mejja is evidence that artistes can compose, sing and act in their own particular features. In a significant number of his hits, Mejja is seen assuming clever parts that have extra minutes seen him get to be well known both disconnected from the net and online where individuals utilize his face for pics. Be that as it may it was not all fun and play for Mejja who was brought up in Majengo ghettos, Nyeri. It was in his grade school days that he found his singing potential and he would show interpretations of well known tunes to his companions. Around the same time his sibling Wambugu was additionally enamored with the music and together they framed a gathering named “ghetto tribe”. Following quite a while of attempting to immaculate their ability, fortunes sparkled on them when the Celtel rivalry looking for the following musical stars visited Nyeri. In the mission to advance neighborhood ability, Celtel ability seek tried to discover 3 champs who might then fight it for the top prize and get mentorship on the best way to make music. Luckily Mejja scooped position 2 and stowed himself Sh20,000. It was amid this time that Clemo of Ogopa DJs detected Mejja’s ability and coached him into making awesome music. Together they took a shot at his first hit as Mejja additionally found the opportunity to work nearby top acts like Jua Cali. Additional time Mejja made his own particular hits including; Kwani Jana Kuliendaje, Niko poa, Quality Ka hizo highlighting Pizzo Dizo, and most as of late, Dabo Tap close by the Kansoul. With such an ability in the sheng dialect, Mejja’s music has possessed the capacity to cross class, collecting him heaps of fans, while his determination and hard working attitude has left fans awed at his musical development. Clearly on the journey to improve as a musical brand, Mejja has learnt from his coaches, its no big surprise other up and coming artistes want to gain from him and be the best as well.

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"#MCM: Meme Hadhja a.k.a Mejja, the lyrical genius" by @wakenyanews

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