Meaning Of Vifaranga Vya Computer/ Kompyuta By Raila Odinga

Meaning of Vifaranga vya computer / Kompyuta as by Raila Odinga
Vifaranga Vya Computer/ Kompyuta

Raila Odinga is a great time comical man to the citizens of the populous Kenyan republic and that has been quite frankly for a while. Recently following the declaration by the IEBC on the presidential election results, NASA Flagbear Raila and his allies called a press conference citing that the elections were free and fair but not ‘TRANSPARENT. as per one of the punchlines used by RAILA, be that as it may, directly translated into Swahili, “vifaranga vya Computer (kompuyuta), waliochaguliwa na kompyuta” means: (computer generated leaders).

Just a few hours after the election results started trickling in, Raila at a NASA press conference made numerous allegations that the results were, “neither verified nor backed by Forms 34As and 34Bs.
It is a bizarre phenomenon that Uhuru stayed in the lead by a consistent 11% ahead of Raila Odinga as per the IEBC tallys. It never went up or down. An algorithm was introduced into the IEBC databases which basically mounted a formula to create a fixed gap between Uhuru and I.”
IEBCs chair, Wafula Chebukati, declared President Uhuru Kenyatta as the winner of the 2017 presidential election garnering 8,203,290 votes (54%), while rival Raila Odinga 6,762,224 votes (44%) announced as the second.

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