Meet DJ Talanta, Who Was Chopped-OFF One Arm In The 2007 PEV – PHOTOS

Erick Kioko aka DJ Talanta is a professional Disc Jockey who entertains fans at Petro City club in Umoja, Nairobi.

His left arm was chopped off during the 2007/ 2008 post-election violence.

Dj Talanta, who mixes at Petro City Club in Umoja.

On January 17, after the strain had facilitated, he and relatives had chose to go and pick some family stuff. They then experienced a gathering of more than 15 outfitted men who had cornered a lady and were assaulting her in turns. DJ Talanta stoned them to get them off the lady, however obscure to him, others had laid trap behind them. One of them aimed a sharp panga at his neck, and when he made to slice him, he blocked it with his arm, which was cut by the sharp panga and fell on the ground.

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He was later dashed towards the camp and was raced to Kenyatta National Hospital facility by the military work force.

Erick Kioko aka DJ Talanta is 32 years old now. He lost his left arm in the post-election violence skirmishes in Nairobi. He never gave up on life despite desertion by friends.

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