Meet Karimi Muriungi, Khaligraph Jones Girlfriend


The toughest hip hop rapper in town so far is Khaligraph Jones, truth be told. Not even Mwafrika, Chiwawa, Morocco, Abas, Kitu-sewer, octopizzo etc, can slightly compare the hip hop digestive tunes of Rapper Khaligraph.

In one of the previous debut done by Jones, there was a lady featured in the song and just apart from curiosity, everything came out uncovered about lady Karimi Muriungi. According to one of Wakenya’s snippet bloggers, news has it that Karimi Muriungi is the lady who has been warming up Khaligraph Jones nyege, giving it to him like no other has done before despite the leaked list that contained 627 previous “klandez” in Jones history. What a successful and proud lady Karimi Muriungi is having been the best of all odds.

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This is what the snippet added:-
Karimi ni odd ndogo na Jones ni odd kubwa, uki-multiply, inakuwa like 17.93, ikiwa uliwaga na thao kumi, hapo baada ya shot mbekse za 45-45 +, we ni bigfish walai, Mita jamo na soo saba elfu…..”.

Check Khaligraph Jones beautiful girlfriend photos below:-

Karimi Muriungi
Karimi Muriungi 2
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