Meet Mr. Ibu (John Okafor) Super gorgeous, Beautiful & Handsome Family

Most people are talented in very many fields of professionalism only that exploring them is the obstacle they face. However, in the recent past there have been many hubs or bazaars where people get to showcase their capabilities and hence get a lifetime gate pass to success.

John Okafor is a Nollywood performer and comic. Okafor is thought to be one of Nigeria’s most gifted comic characters. His funny acting is frequently described by idiocy, humorous stupidity and a sharp detachment from reality. He originates from a huge family and has 4 siblings and 3 sisters.

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After he lost father at 15 years old, Okafor needed to gain his living by doing different odd employments, for example, offering kindling, hair dressing and butchering animals.

Mr. Okafor is an alum of Mass Communication from the Institute of Management and Technology in Enugu. He is hitched with kids.

Mr. Ibu and his family.
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"Meet Mr. Ibu (John Okafor) Super gorgeous, Beautiful & Handsome Family" by @wakenyanews

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