Meet The Chinese Man Who Got More Swag But In Real Sense He’s Homeless

Most people across the globe have their personal life stories which when told can leave everyone shocked. When you meet people in the streets, you might think most of them are living a very good lifestyle with minimal or even no struggles depending in how they clad, their simple life and how they interact with others. But in real sense, it might be the opposite, truth be told.

One of our freelance journalists happened to meet with one Chinese man who looked like a real celebrity according to his outfits and uniqueness in South Africa. When he made some quick inquiries from the residents of the town, he was left in shock after he was told that the Chinese guy was even homeless since he uses to sleep on the streets overnight. Beyond that, he was also informed that the guy was as well jobless after he was cut short his job from one of the manufacturing companies in Johannesburg city.

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Below are some of his photos:-


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"Meet The Chinese Man Who Got More Swag But In Real Sense He’s Homeless" by @wakenyanews

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