Meet The Graduate Who Was Ensnared By ‘Juju’ and Married Mama Mboga

A good scenario or example is a sure Daniel who lives in Nairobi’s Huruma estate. Individuals who know regardless him can’t wrap their psyches around the way that, in spite of being a University graduate, he ended up wedding an primary school dropout mama mboga who used to sell vegetables outside the estate by the road side.

Graduate Ensnared and Marries Mama Mboga
Mama Mboga

Daniel was compelled to wed the not really adequate lady whom he had impregnated, yet didn’t love after the lady bafflingly rendered his masculinity ‘latent’. Would you trust that? Daniel was a lone wolf in the sprawling estate and would purchase vegetables from the lady each night after work. It happened that after directing business for quite a while, the two turned out to be well familiar.
The mama mboga even came to know Daniels’ better half who used to spend intermittent evenings there. The kinship between Daniel and the vegetable seller grew to such an extent that at whatever point he anticipated that his better half would visit, he would leave the key with her to hand it over to his beau.
This continued for a long time, and the two ladies turned out to be great friends. In no time, mama mboga even began cleaning Daniel’s home at whatever time he left out the key with her. Given that he would, on various events, neglect to set up a dinner in his tanked daze, she would, out of graciousness and love, cook for him and after that go to her place, which was only a metre away from his house.

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