Meet The Matatu Tout Who Prays For All His Clients


Duncan is not your normal matatu conductor, he requires significant investment each morning to appeal to God for suburbanites using Nairobi’s route number 33.

One of his suburbanites on Thursday morning posted a three moment cut of the conductor who immediately plays a minister’s part and inclinations commuters to say thanks to God each morning.
Clad in Embassava Sacco uniform, he lectures for some time asking suburbanites to include God in all that they do.

Duncan’s petition includes mediating for gifts in the lives of his workers and expressing gratitude toward God for managing them to board his vehicle. He indeed, even appeals to God for mending for any of the workers who might be wiped out.

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Minutes after he begins the supplication, the ride gets to be rough and Duncan grasps to the matatu rooftop pole as he keeps on praying.

At last he says goodbye to the suburbanites and wishes them a good day ahead.

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"Meet The Matatu Tout Who Prays For All His Clients" by @wakenyanews

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