MEMES: All the Funny Trending Photos On The Internet This Weekend, Hilarious

During the weekend, there have been numerous trending pictures, memes, and hash tags on the internet specifically on the social media platforms e.g twitter,Facebook, Instagram, and many more.

Just catching up with the English premier League season,Arsenal won their away game against Hull city that are currently sponsored by Kenya’s booming site/platform called SportPesa. On the other hand, Chelsea football club were terribly thrashed by Klopps Merseyside club Liverpool Official Portal club, as Manchester United FC had a long day after being dismantled on the afternoon of a brighter Sunday by a team that smashed a fortnight by Chelsea and Arsenal Strongholds ever crew. Nevertheless, Jose Mourinho’s side drew with Stoke City at old Trafford earning them only one point in the week 7 of the English premier league as arsenal securely earned three points from Burnley FC.


Below are some of the top trending memes doing or trending on the internet right now for this week. Have a look below:-



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"MEMES: All the Funny Trending Photos On The Internet This Weekend, Hilarious" by @wakenyanews

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