Men Needed By Ladies/Women For Massage in Town, CHECK HERE

I am aware many or majority of us have heard about massage or have at least a clue of the meaning of the word “massage”. Massage is a healthy practice for both men and the females in day to day life.

This is what one of the girls shared with us,
“Hi, I am Linda,” who is a teenage, tall, light skinned, nearly in-apparelled lady, who proceeds to the centre of the room and spins around to show me what she has to offer for the massage she wants from a man. She then walks out.
This is repeated by five other girls, and eventually Beltinah returns and tells me they are ready to be chosen.
“Personally I will go for Sh5,000 for the whole duty”, that is what any man would mention.
The hoarse and heavy vocals from the next room is evidence that the place is run by some gent’s, as does her reference to the boss as ‘he’ in our conversations.

If you believe you can deliver the massage to the ladies or women, then comment or follow for more below:-

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"Men Needed By Ladies/Women For Massage in Town, CHECK HERE" by @wakenyanews

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