MIKE Sonko’s Rescue team for you when too drunk !! NAIROBISM

Flamboyant’ is fast becoming an understatement in reference to this Nairobi Senator whose flashy lifestyle often seems to leave fans and foes perturbed. As his name implies, Sonko is ‘a man of wealth’ and over the years, the senator seems to have made it a mission to champion rights and help the needy in society, especially those from his constituency. Soon after unveiling his spruced up golden Toyota Land Cruiser V8, Senator Sonko caused yet another major stir last weekend when he unveiled his new fleet of top notch cars. And No! This fleet was different because all the cars were meant for use by the society, Free of charge! Unbelievable isn’t it? A statement on Senator Sonko’s Facebook page read: THE ESSENCE OF TRUE LEADERSHIP IS TO ADD VALUE to the lives of those you leadduring your period in leadership. I am kicking off this year by focusing more on SERVICE DELIVERY to Wananchi. I have managed to purchase ambulances for Nairobi Residents that will provide FREE Medical Services and Response to Medical Emergencies. The ambulances are managed by SONKO RESCUE TEAM and operate on a 24 hour basis. As if that was not enough investment, he also unveiled breakdown truck that will freely come in handy to drunk drivers who often struggle to get home in the wee hours of the night.

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"MIKE Sonko’s Rescue team for you when too drunk !! NAIROBISM" by @wakenyanews

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