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For a very long time since the emergence of the android smart phones, many cellular applications have been developed. These applications are always developed under the Java SDK Kits and usually perform better, some of which have been added into the Google Play Store ready for download.


Some applications like WhatsApp are among the most popular in the recent times because of its compatibility with the android phones, faster communication via chats, etc. It allows sending of texts, images, documents, and as well, videos.

With this, Siftr, an Indian startup established by ex-Adobe representatives, has dispatched a clever Android Application that can help you dispose of all the garbage photographs from your WhatsApp with no exertion.

The application, Magic Cleaner, checks the media envelope of your WhatsApp application what’s more, consequently identifies all the garbage pictures including screenshots, pics, video screen snatches, kid’s shows and different pictures with overlay content. You are then offered a choice to erase all the identified pictures in one go.

How can it work? Like Cloud Vision, Google’s picture acknowledgment Programming interface, Siftr has built up their own picture acknowledgment motor that investigation the substance of a picture to figure out if it’s garbage or not. It requires a dynamic Web association on the grounds that the picture investigation is done on Siftr servers and not locally on the cellular telephone. In any case it is unrealistic to explode your information arrangement as the application just transfers a little hash of the picture and matches it against their own particular database of pictures.

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I ran the photograph cleaner application against a WhatsApp account that had about 4000+ pictures and it could effectively tidy it up in around 10 minutes. The precision was extremely amazing. The application is free however you can just auto-erase a set number of pictures in a solitary run. On the off chance that you might want to erase more pictures, you either need to welcome a companion to utilize the application or sit tight for a day.

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