Mombasa Central Police Station Attacked By Assailants

Mombasa police station state after the attack, 11/09/2016.

In the year 2016, there have been numerous cases of Police Stations being attacked in Kenya.
Three ladies clad in buibui raged Mombasa’s Central Police headquarters on Sunday morning and dispatched a physical assault on the officers utilizing blades.
Firearm shots and a blast were likewise heard in the premises, found at the focal point of the city, which was quickly cordoned off.

A witness said three ladies, who strolled into the station with an intend to report a stolen mobile phone, waved blades after they were banished from getting to the cells with one tossing a petrol bomb in an endeavor to torch the station. This started a police operation with officers from paramilitary GSU being sent at the station.

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The attackers, believed to have been wearing suicide belts, were gunned down as police battled back.
Unverified reports show that the aggressors were endeavoring to free a few detainees held at the police headquarters. Mombasa police bosd Peterson Maelo, be that as it may, said the intention of the assault was not yet known and examinations were in progress.

Pictures indicated cops on window of the main floor of the station while bouncing off from the flame that had been started.

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